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Michigan Super Drunk Law

The State of Michigan recently enacted a “Super Drunk” law that boosted the penalties for persons convicted of driving with an excessive blood alcohol content (BAC). A conviction under the new legislation will compromise your driving privileges and jeopardize your present and future employment. You will also have created permanent criminal record for yourself.

Michigan Attorney Patrick Barone is known for a history of successes in overcoming unjust drunk driving prosecutions and having these charges dismissed or reduced. One example of a reduction would be a disposition such as a lesser charge of reckless driving. As an expert in the scientific intricacies and components of a Super Drunk OUI case, Counselor Barone will thoroughly scrutinize your field sobriety tests as well as any chemical analysis to uncover evidence that may be used favorably on your behalf.

What Is the Michigan Super Drunk Law?

The Michigan Super Drunk law applies to drivers with no prior OUI convictions within the past seven years who operate a motor vehicle with a BAC of .17% or higher. Drivers with a prior conviction within seven years face enhanced penalties, even more harsh then those for a typical Super Drunk conviction.

For someone in a traditional drunk driving case—that is, with a BAC below .17%--you could face a maximum of 93 days in jail. The maximum jail sentence for a Super Drunk case is 180 days—almost double! The length of a driver’s license suspension is also increased. For a traditional conviction, you could be ordered to 30 days without driving and 150 days of restricted driving. For Super Drunk, there is absolutely no driving for 45 days and 320 days of restricted driving. However, unlike a tradition OUI charge, a person charged with Super Drunk driving must have an ignition interlock device installed for the entire period of restricted driving.

The fines for a Super Drunk charge are also increased. While the fines for traditional drunk driving are $100-$500, the fines for Super Drunk are $200-$700. In addition, a person charged with Super Drunk driving is required to receive alcohol treatment for at least one year.

As you can tell, the punishment associated with a Michigan Super Drunk conviction is both severe and oppressively expensive. With these large penalties looming, it is safe to understand your reluctance to proceed to court without an attorney who knows how to best defend you at an affordable cost for your budget. Do not worry if you have not have the money in a bank account to defend yourself against a costly conviction. The Barone Defense Firm assists clients by offering easy to afford payment plans. We also accept all major credit cards. We can also refer you to a financial institution that provides small loans for legal defense, if you prefer.

To learn more about Michigan’s Super Drunk law, please contact our law firm today.

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