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In Michigan, a person who has a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .17% or higher may be charged with a Super Drunk offense. The penalties for a Super Drunk conviction are almost double the amount of jail time in addition to increased fines and driver’s license suspension.

The sentence for a standard DUI may include to up to 93 days in jail; however, a person charged with Super Drunk driving may face 180 days of incarceration. The fines associated with a Super Drunk charge are also considerably higher. Whereas a person charged with a standard DUI may be ordered to pay $100-$500 in fines and court costs, a Super Drunk charge may cost anywhere from $200-$700.

If increased jail time and fines aren’t bad enough, a person convicted of a Super Drunk charge faces a lengthy driver’s license suspension. Unlike a traditional DUI, which carries 30 days of no driving and 150 of restricted driving, a Super Drunk charge carries 45 days of absolutely no driving and 320 days of restricted driving. A Super Drunk driving conviction also mandates that an ignition interlock device must be installed for the entire period of restricted driving. Please understand that the costs for installing, renting, and maintaining the ignition interlock device must come out of your pocket if you are convicted.

There are other unanticipated penalties a person may face after a Super Drunk conviction. For example, the driver’s insurance company may substantially raise the premiums, or even drop the policy altogether. Employment may also be affected, if a current or potential employer requires a clean driving and/or criminal record.

A Super Charge conviction has the power to affect your finances, your freedom, and the rest of your life. Fortunately, a skilled and successful Michigan DUI defense attorney can help you overcome these life-altering charges. The Barone Defense Firm is comprised of a group of battle-tested lawyers who specialize in defending clients charged with drunk driving. They have the skill set and experience to secure a favorable outcome for your particular case.

You may initially believe that hiring a defense attorney is too expensive. However if you consider how much you stand to lose if convicted – and how much you may gain if the charges are dismissed or reduced – you may realize that it’s foolish not to hire the best representation you can afford. Fortunately, the Barone Defense Firm accepts all major credit cards and can even work out a payment plan to fit your unique needs. They can also provide a list of financial institutions that provide easy to manage loans for legal representation.

For more information on Michigan Super Drunk penalties, and to learn how you can better your defense, contact The Barone Defense Firm today.

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