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Arrested and Charged with Super Drunk? Don't Worry, We Have a Winning History.

Attorney Patrick Barone is well known in the Michigan legal community for his ability to produce successful results for his clients. After handling between 1500 and 2000 cases—many with positive outcomes—he has the vast experience and knowledge to defend his clients against Super Drunk charges.

Being charged with a Super Drunk offense will result in serious penalties if convicted. With the possibility of 180 days in jail, expensive fines, a lengthy license suspension, and the installation of an ignition interlock device, it is easy to appreciate why you need an attorney who can obtain the results you need most.

A stellar reputation and knowledge of the science and law associated with DUI cases can lead to winning results. If an attorney does not possess both of these attributes, it can be difficult to win cases or to land a good plea deal. Mr. Barone has put his time and effort into developing himself as a leader in the field of DUI defense in order to help clients who have been accused of drinking and driving.

Mr. Barone has earned his reputation as a skilled attorney by teaching law students and his peers how to defend DUI cases. He is a professor at Cooley Law School where he teaches second and third year law students. He also lectures at DUI defense seminars across the nation.

Mr. Barone has also written numerous articles on the topic of DUI defense and is the author of two books, including The DUI Book and Defending Drinking Drivers.

To win DUI cases, an attorney must keep up with the changes to DUI law and understand the scientific aspects inside and out. Mr. Barone has studied standardized field sobriety tests, DataMaster breathalyzer testing, serum blood testing, gas chromatography and trial skills in order to develop the upper hand in the court room. He has also obtained certification on the DataMaster and Standardized Field Sobriety Tests—the very same certification obtained by law enforcement agents who are trying to convict you.

A Super Drunk conviction will drastically change your life. To secure the best outcome for both your present and future, you owe it to yourself to hire a DUI defense attorney who produces winning results. Learn more about how The Barone Defense Firm can help your case by filling out our online form today.

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